Workshop on the Decorative Arts of Sri Lanka, Colombo 2009

0pening Day, Monday 30th November at the Galle Face Hotel, Lotus Room 3, Regency Wing. Introduction- Ayesha Abdur-Rahman

Keynote speaker
Dr. Saroja Wethasinghe, Director National Archives: Research a the national Archives
Session l: Arts of the Ancient and Medieval Period
Chair: Dr. Saroja Wethasinghe
Dr. SinhaRaja Tammita-Delgoda , “Decorating the Landscape Ancient Sri Lanka. The Use of Rock and Water as Forms of Art”
Ayesha Abdur-Rahman, “ Tivanka; Recent Findings, for the Decorative Arts”
Session ll: Arts of the Ancient and Medieval Period
Chair: Dr. SinhaRaja Tammita-Delgoda, Panel: Dr Nanda Wickremasinghe
Bindu Urugodawatta, “ Angels in Sri Lankan Buddhist Art”
Ebeltje Hartkamp-Jonxis , “The Luxury Trade between Sri Lanka and The Netherlands, c.1700” Ashley de Voss, “ The Tradition of Ivory Carving - Special Reference to Ceylon”
Followed by a late afternoon tea reception
Day Two, Tuesday 1st   December
Sponsored by the American Center Auditorium, Sponsored by the American Center. 
Session lll: European - Dutch VOC Period
Opening remarks - Jeff Anderson, Director American Center
Chair and presenter: Ashley de Vos, Panel: Ismeth Raheem
Martine Gosselink, Topographical Heritage on Demand
“An Atlas of Shared Heritage, with a Special Focus on “Dutch” Sri Lanka”
Professor K.D. Paranavitana , “Forgotten Trade of Elephants as Depicted in Dutch Paintings and Maps” Ashley de Vos, “ Is there A Dutch Architecture in Ceylon?”  
Closing remarks: Jeff Anderson
Lunchtime viewing of a Textile Exhibition sponsored by the American Center.
Afternoon Study Tour of Old Dutch Colombo By Ashley de Vos
Followed by a reception sponsored by Dutch Bay Resorts
Presentation: Dutch Bay Resorts by Neil D'Silva
Chairman of Swarna Dweep.,
Day Three, Wednesday 2nd December
At the Fulbright Commission Auditorium
Hosted by the Fulbright Commission
Session lV: European - Transition to British Period
Introduction: by Tissa Jayatilaka
Chair: Dr. SinhaRaja Tammita-Delgoda
Dr. Steven Cohen, ”The Unusual Textile Trade between India and Sri Lanka. Further Research”
Bindu Urugodawatta , “Images of Old Sri Lankan Flags”
Chandra Thenuwara, “A Brief Overview of the Hand-weaving Industry - With an Introduction to Dumbara Weaving”
Rosemary Crill, “ Sri Lankan Textiles in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London”
Study Tour of the National Museum Textile Collection
Visit to the Sapumal Foundation   
Concluding with a  r eception sponsored by the Fulbright Commission

From the 3rd to the 7th two study tours were organized for the overseas participants to the Kandy region including a visits to the Dumbara valley, mat waeving and cloth weaving villeges, and to the Galle area including a visit to the Martin Wickremasinghe Museum Folk Culture in Koggala

On the 11th the American Center had the opening reception for the exhibition, Unravelling the Past, Contemporary Sri Lankan Textile Artists (Post-Independence to the present), curated by Jennifer Moragoda.

The workshop events concluded with closing Remarks and summary of the Workshop on the Decorative Arts of Sri Lanka b y Ayesha Abdur-Rahman.

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