B- The Team on the speedboat

Once we flew to the South Huvadhoo Atoll all travel to the islands was by a small speedboat operated by a captain and his assistant. We would all pile in for travel to the next island on the schedule. When we needed to change our guesthouse for the night our luggage would get piled in to the front of the boat and into the hold and we’d go to the next island and guesthouse. From each ferry we either walked to our lodgings, or a small flat bed truck would pick some of us up for a drop off. One of the vehicles was a modern tourist type open vehicle. Onetime the transport provided was several motorbikes and each person rode on the pillion to the guesthouses. The boat rides were all great fun with lots of breeze and amazing views of the passing islands edged by areas of aquamarine and turquoise waters. The seas were calm for the most part and the team survived the slightly choppy seas especially when we motored into the center of the atoll. The most time travelled between islands was about 45 minutes and the least about 10 minutes. We did change boats and captains once when we left the South Huvadhoo Atoll and journeyed to the North Huvadhoo Atoll. This research expedition was a marvelous adventure for us all, and it was completed before the Covid19 pandemic hit us.

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