The Lanka Decorative Arts is a society for the study and appreciation of the decorative arts of Sri Lanka . I wanted to start an interest group of like-minded people who would participate and attend lectures and workshops for discussion,  and dissemination of various aspects of the decorative arts of the island, from all historical periods.  Decorative arts is not an isolated study,  it is an interdisciplinary study that brings together various disciplines and draws from art and art history,  history,  social history,  material culture, design and design history,  archeology, anthropology and architecture

What are the decorative arts?

Earlier called the Minor Arts or Applied Arts,  the Decorative Arts is a widely used term to cover a large and varied body of objects falling under the categories of furniture, metalwork,  ceramic,  pottery,  glass,  textile,  costume,  jewelry,  musical instruments, tools,  toys,  transport,  folk art,  woodwork, ivory,  horn,  bone,  and other miscellaneous categories.  Mostly functional although some non-functional objects are included,  the decorative arts are different to the fine arts,  which are non-functional - painting, sculpture,  drawing and photography..

Maldives 2020 ICH conference and presentations
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Tradition/Transformation? Craft, Practise and Discourse
10 - 12 May 2018
An Interdisciplinary and Trilingual Conference on Craft

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Trilingual international Conference of Crafts in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

May 10th to 12th 2018

University of Jaffna, Department of Fine Arts
Conference Conveners:
 Dr. T. Sanathanan, Senior Lecturer, Department of Fine Arts, University of Jaffna and Dr. Ayesha Abdur-Rahman, Founding Director, Lanka Decorative Arts, Colombo.

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International Conference on The Kitchen Culinary Ethnology in Sri Lanka

August 4th - 7th 2016

Organized by Lanka Decorative Arts

Sponsored by
The American Center, Colombo and
The Mount Lavinia Hotel

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LDA Conference 2016 – 4th to 7th August
ussiya: Introduction to Culinary Ethnology in Sri Lanka

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