Maldives 2020 ICH conference
A- From the airplane - Gallery
B- The Team on the speedboat - Gallery
C- Weaving techniques 1, 2, and 3 - Gallery
D- Traditional buildings and furniture - Gallery
E- Old mosques, graveyards and gravestones - Gallery
F- Local cuisine techniques and tools - Gallery
G- Island transport - Gallery
H- The team at each island - Gallery
I- Trees and plants seen during the research trip - Gallery
J- Traditional night fishing - Gallery
K-Video clips of music and performance - Gallery
Jaffna Craft conference and survey of crafts workshops
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1) 13 May Jaffna Crafts Conference - group study tour to a pit loom and floor loom workshop - Gallery
2) 12 May 2018 Jaffna Crafts Conference - group study tour of metal workers street - Gallery
3) 13 May Jaffna Crafts Conference - group study tour to vist old traditional homes - Gallery
4) Jaffna Crafts Conference, 11 May 2018 - study tour to a temple wood workshop - Gallery
Pottery workshop Jaffna 26th May 2018
Jewelry makers workshop Jaffna 16 May 2018

The Galleries of Sapumal Foundation – An Aesthetic Retreat Gallery of Textiles
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Delicately veiled amidst the shrubberies and elite residencies of Barnes Place, the Galleries of Sapumal Foundation is an important landmark of the country’s cultural heritage. It is evident in its exterior that the gallery is not a gallery in a conventional sense, but a home that sustains a structural design that was commonplace in a previous era. - See more  
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